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Adding Elm to Phoenix

Unless you’ve been hiding under rock for the past year or so, you should be aware of Elm. If so far you have managed to miss this language/paradigm in your learning then there is no time like the present to pick it up and get familiar.

This article will present how to include Elm in your Phoenix projects so that your Elm code is intergrated into the asset pipeline and built automatically as you create a Phoenix application.


Some Higher Order Abstractions in JS

This first article in the series concerns itself with discussing higher order functional programming (FP) concepts or rather abstractions and how they can apply in the context of JavaScript. Some of these concepts will be unfamiliar to those who approach JavaScript from an object-oriented perspective.

Topics that will be discussed in this post are Functors, Maybe, Either and Monads.

If thats interesting, then read on.


Functional Programming with JS

This is an introduction to Functional Programming (FP) for the unaware and discusses a number of concepts that JavaScript (or in deed any) programmers that come from OOP-Land might probably not be overly familiar with.

Given the drive to FP and the benefits that it can bring over imperative coding styles, now is a great time to get up to speed.


Uploading images to Heroku using Phoenix

Heroku is a natural platform to deploy Phoenix applications to. Heroku does have a small issue in that it does not allow any files to be uploaded out of the box. If you need that capability, then the uploaded file would need to be hosted on some other provider, like AWS or DigitalOcean - on Heroku there are plugins for that, or stored in a database. This post deals with hosting an uploaded image file in your application database and serving it for use in your Phoenix application.